Galvanic Facial

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Galvanic facial procedure involves that not only soothe your skin but also calms your mind. In the first galvanic facial step, a pre-treatment gel is used to cleanse the skin. Then, the skin is wiped using a smooth wet cloth to start the actual galvanic facial procedure. Galvanic gel is applied on the face and galvanic massage is done on the skin. Galvanic massage is done using a Galvanic massage machine which has roller that gently massage the whole area. As galvanic current is a mix of positive and negative ions, it rejuvenates the whole skin. This energy is shared equally within the cells and thereby the whole skin becomes beautiful and smooth.

Galvanic Facial Benefits
There are many advantages of galvanic facial to the skin. Some of the Galvanic Facial benefits include the procedure not only making the skin beautiful but also helps in preventing and curing many skin problems.
Galvanic facial is also known as “Non-Surgical Face Lift” because it works as a face-lift for face.

Galvanic Treatment for Wrinkles : If you are worried about wrinkles making you look older than you are actually, then go in for the Galvanic facial procedure as it helps in reducing wrinkles.

Galvanic Facial for Acne : Blood circulation is improved with galvanic facial resulting in shiny skin. This procedure is also highly useful in treating acne. We recommend that you should give a try to galvanic treatment for acne to see the results yourself.

Galvanic Treatment for Pigmentation : Ingredients that are used to bring shine to the skin penetrate deep into the skin and thus work wonders on your skin and makes your skin smooth and charming. Thus Galvanic procedure works wonders for treating pigmentation.
By this Galvanic facial treatment, the rate at which nutrients are supplied to the skin gets improved to maintain healthy skin.

$ 150 (75 min. Service)